Geoscience Research Institute

Recommended Videos on Creation and Design

1. Origin: Design, Chance and the First Life on Earth. 2 hrs, 27 min; August, 2016. Illustra Media.

2. Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth. 70 minutes: July 2015. Illustra Media.

Flight cover

3. Flight: The Genius of Birds. 62 minutes; May 2013.  Illustra Media.

Metamorphosis cover

4. Metamorphosis. 64 minutes; June 2011. Illustra Media.

Unlocking the mystery of life cover

5. Unlocking the Mystery of Life. 65 minutes; August 2010. Illustra Media.

Darwin's dilemma video cover

6. Darwin’s Dilemma. 72 minutes; October, 2010. Illustra Media.

Privileged planet video cover

7. Privileged Planet. 60 minutes; September 2010. Illustra Media.

Darwin the voyage that shook the world cover 

8. Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World. 55 minutes; October, 2009. Creation Ministries International

9. The Case for a Creator. 60 min. October, 2006

Journeys to the edge of creation cover

10. Journeys to the Edge of Creation. 2010. Moody Video.