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We have posted a web version of a field conference that we led in Italy last summer. If you are from Italy, or planning on visiting and would like some ideas of places to visit with geological significance, check out our Italy Field Guide.

Check out the new versions of our English posters. We've updated their looks and shrunk the files for easier download. Enjoy!

Part 2 of our blog on scientific revolutions has been posted. Take a look!

Science News

Perspectives in these links are not necessarily endorsed by GRI.
  • When Darwinists Tolerate Faith / March 22, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — Francis Collins gets tolerable coverage in the secular media for his brand of Christian faith. That’s not necessarily good.
  • Save Your Eyes: Take a Hike / March 21, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — An epidemic of myopia is swamping Asian health care institutions. The cause could depend on what side of the front door you tend to be.
  • Origin-of-life puzzle cracked / 20 March 2015 / Robert F. Service / Science, v.347, n.6228, p.1298 — study explains how three essential classes of molecules could have formed simultaneously
  • Rethinking Evolution / March 20, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — Evolutionary articles often say that new data will cause them to rethink evolution. Maybe they’re not thinking deeply enough.
  • Geology Upset: Wind Carves Canyons Fast / March 19, 2015 / Creation-Evolution Headlines — According to a new study, wind carves canyons ten times faster than water. This has implications for theories on Mars and Earth.
  • Editing human embryos is genetics' new battleground / 18 March 2015 / New Scientist, n.3013, p.6 — Will pioneering work to alter genes in human germ cells or early embryos allow us to make superbabies, and is it ethical?

GRI News

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    • Check out our latest Newsletter, #40, to see what GRI has been up to and brush up on some recent scientific findings.
    • Spanish, Portuguese and French translations of Flight: the genius of birds will premiere at the General Conference session in San Antonio this July. The translations are entitled: En vuelo: el prodigio de las aves, Voo: o talento das aves, and Le Vol: le génie des oiseaux.
      These videos will be shown as part of the Yes, Creation! Series of media presentations during lunch and supper breaks in Room 204 of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. All are welcome to attend on a first come first seated basis. For more information about the English version of Flight, see:
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