Geoscience Research Institute

Origins 1979 – 1970

ORIGINS6-2 1979 – Volume 06-2

Beyond Science • Ariel A. Roth

The Attitude of University Students Toward the Teaching of Creation and Evolution in the Schools • Jerry Bergman

The Organic Levels of the Yellowstone Petrified Forests • Harold G. Coffin

Coral Reef Growth • Ariel A. Roth

ORIGINS6-1 1979 – Volume 06-1

Is Truth Dead? • Ariel A. Roth

The Structure of the Genesis Flood Narrative and Its Implications • William H. Shea

The Interpretation of C-14 Dates • R. H. Brown

Precambrian and Paleozoic Glaciation? • W. W. Hughes

ORIGINS5-2 1978 – Volume 05-2

Closed Minds and Academic Freedom • Ariel A. Roth

Footprints in the Grand Canyon • Leonard R. Brand

Some Issues Regarding the Nature and Universality of the Genesis Flood Narrative • Gerhard F. Hasel

How Rapidly Can Wood Petrify? • R. H. Brown

ORIGINS5-1 1978 – Volume 05-1

The Ignorance of Isolation • Ariel A. Roth

The Unity of the Creation Account • William H. Shea

Megabreccias: Evidence for Catastrophism • Arthur V. Chadwick

Introns: New Complexity in the Synthesis of Higher Organism RNA • Berney Neufeld

ORIGINS4-2 1977 – Volume 04-2

Implications of the Spread of Darwinism • Ariel A. Roth

Radiometric Age and the Traditional Hebrew-Christian View of Time • R. H. Brown

The Impact of Tektites upon an Estimated 700,000 Year History of Deep-Sea Deposits • Warren H. Johns

Do Rabbits Chew the Cud? • Leonard R. Brand

ORIGINS4-1 1977 – Volume 04-1

Does Evolution Qualify as a Scientific Principle? • Ariel A. Roth

Organization and the Origin of Life • John C. Walton

Does God Play at Dice? • Albert E. Smith

Clastic Dikes • Ariel A. Roth

ORIGINS3-2 1976 – Volume 03-2

Zeal and Hoaxes • Ariel A. Roth

The Chemical Composition of the Earth’s Original Atmosphere • John C. Walton

Anomalous Ages for Meteorite Impacts and Tektites • Warren H. Johns

Can the Christian Afford Scientific Research? • J. Mailen Kootsey

Homologies • Leonard R. Brand

ORIGINS3-1 1976 – Volume 03-1

The Potency of Prevailing Concepts • R. H. Brown

Chemical Evolution • Rene Evard and David Schrodetzki

Some Philosophical Implications of the Theory of Evolution • John D. Clark

Neopilina: A Living Fossil • Conrad D. Clausen

ORIGINS2-2 1975 – Volume 02-2

The Pervasiveness of the Paradigm • Ariel A. Roth

Oxygen and Evolution • G. E. Snow and G. T. Javor

Dinosaur Tracks and Giant Men • Berney Neufeld

The Biblical View of the Extent of the Flood • Gerhard F. Hasel

Turbidites • Ariel A. Roth

ORIGINS2-1 1975 – Volume 02-1

A Matter of Fairness • Ariel A. Roth

C-14 Age Profiles for Ancient Sediments and Peat Bogs • R. H. Brown

Man: Creature and Explorer • J. Mailen Kootsey

The Cruelty of Nature • Gerald Wheeler

The Spirorbis Problem • Harold G. Coffin

ORIGINS1-2 1974 – Volume 01-2

Science Against God? • Ariel A. Roth

An Evaluation of the Use of Growth Lines in Geochronometry, Geophysics, and Paleoecology • Conrad D. Clausen

The Fountains of the Great Deep • Gerhard F. Hasel

A Philosophic Rationale for a Creation-Flood Model • Leonard R. Brand

The Ginkgo Petrified Forest • Harold G. Coffin

ORIGINS1-1 1974 – Volume 01-1

Why a Publication on Origins? • Ariel A. Roth

Towards the Development of a General Theory of Creation • Berney R. Neufeld

Rationalism, Empiricism and Christianism as Philosophical Systems for Arriving at Truth • Conrad D. Clausen

Fossil Tree Orientation in the Chinle Formation • Arthur V. Chadwick and Leonard R. Brand

Famous Fossils From a Mountaintop • Harold G. Coffin