Geoscience Research Institute

Origins 1980-1989


1989 – Volume 16-2

Real Life Is More Than Simple Integers! • Clyde L. Webster, Jr.

Literary Structural Parallels Between Genesis 1 and 2 • William H. Shea

Reversal of Earth’s Magnetic Field • R. H. Brown


1989 – Volume 16-1

The Dishonor of Dueling • Ariel A. Roth

Punc Eq Creation Style • Kurt Wise

A New Attempt to Understand the Origin of Life: The Theory of Surface-Metabolism • G. T. Javor


1988 – Volume 15-2

Truth — An Endangered Species • Ariel A. Roth

Expanding Earth? • Bill Mundy

Those Gaps in the Sedimentary Layers • Ariel A. Roth


1988 – Volume 15-1

Creationists Challenge Creationists • Ariel A. Roth

Foraminifers in the Fossil Record: Implications for an Ecological Zonation Model • Tammy Tosk

Implications of C-14 Age vs Depth Profile Characteristics • R. H. Brown

The Upper Limit of C-14 Age? • R. H. Brown


1987 – Volume 14-2

Cliches [Today] • Ariel A. Roth

Do DNA Distances Reveal Avian Phylogeny? • L. Jim Gibson

Fossil Binding in Modern and Ancient Reefs • Lance T. Hodges 


1987 – Volume 14-1

Science, A Good Place to Begin … • Ariel A. Roth

Origin of Life: A Look at Late 20th-Century Thinking • George T. Javor

Of Dinosaurs and Men • Arthur V. Chadwick 


1986 – Volume 13-2

Doublethink of SCICOM • Clyde L. Webster, Jr.

Some Questions about Geochronology • Ariel A. Roth

Probability and Its Application to the Origin of Life • David G. Kissinger 


 1986 – Volume 13-1

Historical Science • Ariel A. Roth

A Creationist View of Chromosome Banding and Evolution • L. James Gibson

Recent Debate Over Archaeopteryx • Venus E. Clausen


1985 – Volume 12-2

The Mexico Earthquake — Some Afterthoughts • Ariel A. Roth

Can Science and Religion Work Together? • Leonard R. Brand

Which Vertebrates Make Vitamin C? • Elwood S. McCluskey 


1985 – Volume 12-1

The Disregard for Discards • Ariel A. Roth

Amino Acid Dating • R. H. Brown

An Evaluation of the Numerical Variants of the Chronogenealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 • Paul J. Ray, Jr.

Are Millions of Years Required to Produce Biogenic Sediments in the Deep Ocean? • Ariel A. Roth 


1984 – Volume 11-2

Is Creation Scientific? • Ariel A. Roth

Chromosomal Changes in Mammalian Speciation: A Literature Review • L. J. Gibson

Rapid Erosion at Mount St. Helens • Steven A. Austin

Life, an Evidence for Creation • G. T. Javor 


1984 – Volume 11-1

It Appears That … • Ariel A. Roth

A Comparison of Narrative Elements in Ancient Mesopotamian Creation-Flood Stories with Genesis 1-9 • William H. Shea

NASA’s Next Interplanetary Mission • David H. Rhys 


1983 – Volume 10-2

Where Has the Science Gone? • Ariel A. Roth

The Little Ice Age • Richard D. Tkachuck

Paleomagnetism II • Ivan E. Rouse

How Solid is a Radioisotope Age of a Rock? • R. H. Brown 


1983 – Volume 10-1

The Problem of Morals • Richard D. Tkachuck

Mount St. Helens and Spirit Lake • Harold G. Coffin

Paleomagnetism I • Ivan E. Rouse

The El Niño Event • Richard D. Tkachuck 


1982 – Volume 09-2

Puzzles • Richard D. Tkachuck

Stratigraphic Distribution of Vertebrate Fossil Footprints Compared with Body Fossils • Leonard Brand and James Florence

The Genealogies of Genesis 5 and 11: A Statistical Study • James L. Hayward and Donald E. Casebolt

The Tunguska Explosion of 1908 • Mark W. Brazo and Steven A. Austin

Temperature Regulation in Tetrapod Vertebrates: Ectotherms vs. Endotherms • Elwood S. McCluskey 


1982 – Volume 09-1

Axioms • Richard D. Tkachuck

Perceptions of the Nature of Science and Christian Strategies for a Science of Nature • Gary L. Schoepflin

Historical Development of the Current Understanding of the Geologic Column: Part II • Richard Ritland

Climatic Changes and Changes in Populations • Richard D. Tkachuck 


1981 – Volume 08-2

Scientific Creationism? • R. H. Brown

Historical Development of the Current Understanding of the Geologic Column: Part I • Richard Ritland

A Review of Recent Data from the Region of the Ark-Shaped Formation in the Tendurek Mountains of Eastern Turkey • William H. Shea 


1981 – Volume 08-1

But Is It As Much Fun? • Richard D. Tkachuck

Precambrian Pollen in the Grand Canyon — A Reexamination • Arthur V. Chadwick

The Word “Earth” in Genesis 1:1 • Niels-Erik Andreasen

Geo and Cosmic Chronology • R. H. Brown

The Age Dating of Biological Materials — Some Interesting Problems • Richard D. Tkachuck 


1980 – Volume 07-2

Supernatural Problems • Richard D. Tkachuck

The Meaning of the Chronogenealogies of Genesis 5 and 11 • Gerhard F. Hasel

Implications of Various Interpretations of the Fossil Record • Ariel A. Roth

Beetles Indicate a Faunal Change in the Arctic During Cenozoic Time • David G. Kissinger


1980 – Volume 07-1

Beyond Design • Richard D. Tkachuck

Some Recent Data from Venus and Jupiter: Implications for Cosmogony • George T. Javor

Genesis 5 and 11: Chronogenealogies in the Biblical History of Beginnings • Gerhard F. Hasel

Public Opinions Regarding Creation and Evolution • Jerry Bergman