Sponsored Research: Grant Information

Geoscience Research Institute grants are awarded to academic scientists conducting origins research of originality and importance in the earth and life sciences. Potential funding is greatest for research furthering understanding of relations between the Seventh-day Adventist Church and these sciences.

Sponsorship may involve assistance with the costs of conceptual development, literature search, laboratory investigation, field studies, and publication. Awards average $4000–6000.

Applications for grants are judged primarily on the scientific originality and significance of the research proposed and the demonstrated competence or promise of creativity of the principal investigator.

Evidence of genuine interest in the proposed research by the applicant’s employing institution is expected through its provision of ordinary supplies and services and coverage of indirect costs. A proposal will be strengthened by the institution’s contribution toward the direct cost of the proposed research.

On receipt, the application is reviewed by the institute staff and outside referees. Upon approval, funds are made available to the principal investigator for expenditure at his/her direction in accordance with the application budget.

The Geoscience Research Institute requires annual progress and financial reports, and it urges publication of results in professional journals, including an acknowledgment of the Geoscience Research Institute’s support.

To receive an application form or for more information, contact Ben Clausen at info@grisda.org.