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Similar Plan, Similar Response

ARTICLE. This article examines linguistic and thematic parallelisms found in two passages of Genesis (Gen 1:28-3:21 and Gen 9:1-27) that describe God’s instructions to humans at creation and after the flood, and their subsequent response. Published in Origins n. 65.

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A Review of the Documentary Film “Is Genesis History?”

Is Genesis History? asks a question that many Christians struggle with. Is the first book of the Bible comprised of pious myths? Is it an allegory designed to teach important lessons about God, but not actually a record of the history of life on Earth? Or is it a reliable record of events that actually occurred in the past? In other words, is Genesis the oldest book of history available today, one…

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The Creation of the Soul, the Creation of the Body: Dual Creations in Christian Tradition

While Dembski’s position is that Intelligent Design is a scientific rather than a religious concept, in actuality his proposal falls within Berkouwer’s problem of the immortal soul.

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Geological Records and Genesis Time Frame

We have much study to do before we will truly understand how to fit together all the evidence into a coherent picture. But I as a Christian and a scientist find a three-step process helpful: trust God's communication to us in Scripture; study carefully and seek to recognize human ideas that we have incorrectly read in between the lines in Scripture; and follow up with careful scientific work.

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The First Week: A Believing Scientist Reads Genesis 1

The story of our origins is a vital part of our understanding of ourselves and our world. Although many details of creation are not well understood, the Genesis story of origins provides the logical foundation for the gospel. Both science and Scripture contain many mysteries, but we can see enough to understand that the creation is the result of intentional, supernatural action by a loving Creator, and we can share this good news with others.

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A Natural Union

Review of the book, Scientific Theology. Published in Origins v. 24, n. 2.

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Biblical Evidence for the Universality of the Flood

A review of the nature and characteristics of the Genesis text leads to the conclusion that the biblical flood was global in extent. Published in Origins v. 21, n. 2.

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Two Sides of Several Questions

A review of the book, The Genesis Debate. Several questions regrding interprations of Genesis 1-11 are addressed, with both Yes and No responses representing different points of view. Published in Origins v. 14, n. 1.

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A Scientist’s Attempt to Play Theologian

A review of the book, In the Beginning. The book attempts to explain Genesis from a naturalistic perspective, and his bias shows clearly. Published in Origins v. 13, n. 2.

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The Structure of the Genesis Flood Narrative and Its Implications

Analysis of the literary structure of the Flood narrative shows that it is the product of a single author, and not a compilation from various sources. Published in Origins v. 6, n. 1.

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Some Issues Regarding the Nature and Universality of the Genesis Flood Narrative

The account of the flood as given in Genesis is brief, and many different interpretations have been given to the events described therin. Three expressions used in that narrative will be analyzed below in an attempt to show their original meaning. Published in Origins v. 5, n. 2.

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Adam in Ancient Mesopotamian Traditions

Since the recovery and publication of texts from the Ancient Near East is a continuing endeavor, the materials already published need to be reexamined from time to time in the light of more recent information.

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The Biblical View of the Extent of the Flood

There are two conflicting schools of interpretation regarding the extent of the Genesis flood. Traditionally the Biblical flood narrative has been understood to refer to a universal catastrophe, but on the basis of considerations from the natural sciences, commentators and interpreters began to seek for a limited flood theory or relative view of the Genesis flood. Published in Origins v. 2, n. 2.

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Literature Reviews

A review of the book, Genesis in Space and Time. The author’s thesis is that the earth, the creation story and other events related in Genesis are clearly part of the flow of Biblical history. No volume that I have read shows as clearly the opinion of other Bible authors and Jesus Himself toward the historicity of Genesis.Published in Origins v. 1, n. 1.

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