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A Review of the Nature Documentary “The Riot and the Dance”

Most nature documentaries include some language that refers to an underlying naturalistic understanding of origins. However, the recently released nature documentary “The Riot and the Dance” breaks this common pattern in a refreshing way.

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Why I Care for the Creation

The creation of God was designed to exist in goodness and harmony. To keep this harmony, God entrusts human beings with the duty to take care of the earth. The message of Scripture encourages us to foster ethical behavior towards the creation, centered on caring and stewarding, for at least seven main reasons.

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What Can We Do at Home to Care for the Environment?

As Christians, we believe that God created the Earth and us, and has entrusted us to care for the planet and each other. What are some practical things that we can do at home to care for the Earth’s environment?

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Seventh-day Adventists and Ecology

In a "land of plenty" it is not easy to be motivated about being fugal with the earth's abundant treasures. Yet, when God brought the children of Israel to the "Promised Land," He carefully instructed them on good ecology.

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Who Cares? Environmental Ethics and the Christian

Environmental ethics now defends the inclusion of large communities of animals, plants, rivers, lakes, mountains, and valleys, referred to as ecosystems, “biomes,” or “the natural environment.”

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Creation Care and the Christian

Environmental ethics expands the circle of moral concern beyond human beings to include at the very least some “higher” mammals with whom we share important morally relevant characteristics. Environmental ethics explores why nonhuman life should count morally. By contrast, with rare exceptions, Western ethics is predominately anthropocentric.

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Creator, Creation, and Church: Restoring Ecology to Theology

Are humans a part of the environment, or only stewards of it? Are humans merely "in" nature, or are they also "of" nature? What does it mean to "preserve" the environment?

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The Environment: Should Christians Care?

Do Christians have a legitimate interest in environmentalism, or might it be a distraction from the real work of the gospel?

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Keepers of the Garden: Christians and the Environment

God created the earth “to be inhabited” (Isaiah 45:18, NIV). This means that our earthly habitat is not a fortuitous accidental phenomenon of little worth, but rather, it is one to be highly valued and preserved.

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Stewardship of the Environment: An Adventist Imperative

Stewardship of the environment is a peripheral subject in Adventist thinking. The aim of this paper is to; 1. Point out some impediments that have contributed to Adventist's lack of high level of awareness and commitment to environmental care; 2. Give reasons why Adventist should view themselves as key players in matters of the environment. 3. Examine three working relationships between humans and the environment.

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A Christian Approach to Teaching Ecology . . . or is It Environmental Science?

Ecology, or environmental science, is multidisciplinary. As such, it allows ecology to be integrated with other disciplines. It also allows us to tie it to faith.

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Habitat Responsibility: Teaching Stewardship through Chemistry

It must be emphasized that Chemistry, like any other area of scientific knowledge, is neither good nor bad, but like everything else that was marred by the entrance of sin, man's ability to manipulate his environment has led to misuse. Instead of giving in to technicism, where technology sets the agenda for life on planet Earth, the ethics of the Bible should be the basis on which we make decisions on the value of life and on the conduct of life.

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Expanding the Garden: A Christian’s View of Nature

We need to develop ways to foster consciousness about the environment and a willingness to participate as good stewards of creation.

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Adventists and the Good Earth

If we take the view that we are transients in an alien community, then our interest in the long-term welfare of the community will tend to be limited. If we see ourselves as fully embedded in a complex web of life, as an integral part of God's creation, and as responsible stewards of that creation, then our response to challenges such as the environmental issue will take on a distinctly different character.

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Environmental Education: Teaching Stewardship to College Students

Adventist colleges have long promoted a wholistic education. For this reason they have been committed to combining liberal arts and ethics. Including environmental education in this curriculum can make a significant contribution to shaping the sensitivities of young Christians.

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Let the Wilderness be Glad?: The Apocalypse and the Environment

Because we are promised an earth made new, do we have the right to hasten the death of this one? In the years since college my questions have become more acute as I have learned about specific threats to the environment.

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