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Can a Scientist Also Be a Christian?

Long ago, the Psalmist recorded a gem of inspiration: "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands." Nature calls us to recognize its Creator and nature invites us to probe its mysteries. Within the context of that call and that invitation, there need be no conflict between biblical Christianity and science, between faith and reason. A scientist can indeed be a Christian.

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Claims that Christianity upheld the idea of a flat earth through the so-called "Dark Ages" until finally the light of science revealed the true sphericity of the world are fabrications of anti-Christian writers. The overwhelming majority of Medieval thinkers believed in a spherical earth. Such false stories have caused many to "retro-progress," with an increase in ignorance rather than in knowledge. Published in Origins v. 22, n. 1.

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Name Dropping

Both secularists and religionists have misused the fame of Darwin's name to bolster their claims. Darwin's true views on religion, although not completely known, were somewhat mixed, and it would be better not to invoke his name to support either side. Published in Origins v. 21, n. 2.

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Reactions - B

Readers are invited to submit their reactions to the articles in our journal. Please address contributions to: ORIGINS, Geoscience Research Institute, 11060 Campus St., Loma Linda, California 92350 USA.

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Who Are the Creationists?

A review of the book, The Creationists: The Evolution of Scientific Creationism. An extremely useful work which goes a long way toward dispelling many of the commonly accepted myths about creationists. Published in Origins v. 21, n. 2.

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On Altering Past and Future

The effort by secular humanists to eliminate religion, particularly Christianity, from education, the media and the culture in general threaten to impoverish our future and jeopardize human freedom. Published in Origins v. 20, n. 2.

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Fossils and Compassion

Early in the history of paleontology, a university professor with an interest in fossils was tricked into collecting fabricated objects as fossils and published a book illustrating these false productions. As a result, Johann Beringer was ridiculed unmercifully. This is not a good example to follow. We all make mistakes, and we should show compassion when we find errors in the work of others. Published in Origins v. 19 n.2.

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Historical Development of the Current Understanding of the Geologic Column: Part II

the basic framework of the geologic column was founded by men with respect for Scripture, who, although not holding to conservative interpretations, opposed organic evolution. Published in Origins v. 9, n. 1.

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Climatic Changes and Changes in Populations

Climates have changed signficantly over time, resulting in movements of humans and other species. Published in Origins v. 9, n. 1.

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Historical Development of the Current Understanding of the Geologic Column: Part I

The crucial questions on the relationship of Genesis and geology, of religion and geological science nearly all hinge in some way on one's understanding of the meaning and significance of the geologic column. It is important, therefore, to understand something of its origin as a system. Published in Origins v. 8, n. 2.

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