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Restoration of the Environment: An Adventist Perspective

It could be the remnant church that the Lord has given chance to lead others in the restoration of the dignity of the physical environment for the common good of the entire earth.

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Stewardship of the Environment: An Adventist Imperative

Stewardship of the environment is a peripheral subject in Adventist thinking. The aim of this paper is to; 1. Point out some impediments that have contributed to Adventist's lack of high level of awareness and commitment to environmental care; 2. Give reasons why Adventist should view themselves as key players in matters of the environment. 3. Examine three working relationships between humans and the environment.

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Ecology, Biodiversity, and Creation: A View from the Top

The complex and vitally essential ecology and biodiversity we find in nature today, at the top of the structural hierarchy of nature, suggest that many interacting organisms would have been required right from the beginning. Only a short-term creation would provide such ecosystem requirements.

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The Ecological Crisis: Changing the Paradigm

The severe ecological crisis in which we live has been identified as a crisis of the present society values. The aim of this essay is to discuss the historical roots of the modern ecological crisis and its consequences in terms of paradigms that base Environmental Education actions.

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A Christian Approach to Teaching Ecology . . . or is It Environmental Science?

Ecology, or environmental science, is multidisciplinary. As such, it allows ecology to be integrated with other disciplines. It also allows us to tie it to faith.

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Habitat Responsibility: Teaching Stewardship through Chemistry

It must be emphasized that Chemistry, like any other area of scientific knowledge, is neither good nor bad, but like everything else that was marred by the entrance of sin, man's ability to manipulate his environment has led to misuse. Instead of giving in to technicism, where technology sets the agenda for life on planet Earth, the ethics of the Bible should be the basis on which we make decisions on the value of life and on the conduct of life.

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Expanding the Garden: A Christian’s View of Nature

We need to develop ways to foster consciousness about the environment and a willingness to participate as good stewards of creation.

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Feminists, Ecology, and the Sabbath

Ecofeminism enlivens and challenges Adventist spirituality to embody justice and empower others; challenge dualism and recenter humanity within creation and God's presence.

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Resurrection of the World

Survival on earth seems bleak as the environmental crisis worsens. Amidst the destruction, how should Adventists respond to the environmental crisis? Creation and incarnation dominate Christian understandings of ecology. However, I think that a third theological theme, the Resurrection, best illuminates the relationship of Christianity to the environment.

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Adventists and the Good Earth

If we take the view that we are transients in an alien community, then our interest in the long-term welfare of the community will tend to be limited. If we see ourselves as fully embedded in a complex web of life, as an integral part of God's creation, and as responsible stewards of that creation, then our response to challenges such as the environmental issue will take on a distinctly different character.

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Environmental Education: Teaching Stewardship to College Students

Adventist colleges have long promoted a wholistic education. For this reason they have been committed to combining liberal arts and ethics. Including environmental education in this curriculum can make a significant contribution to shaping the sensitivities of young Christians.

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Let the Wilderness be Glad?: The Apocalypse and the Environment

Because we are promised an earth made new, do we have the right to hasten the death of this one? In the years since college my questions have become more acute as I have learned about specific threats to the environment.

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