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The Creation Account in Genesis 1: Our World Only or the Universe?

The purpose of this paper is to discover whether the creation week as portrayed in Genesis 1 concerns only this world or the creation of the whole universe. To accomplish this purpose, we will examine contextually Genesis 1 and some of its significant wordings.

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The Big Bang Model: An Appraisal

Modern cosmology, represented by the Big Bang theory, may have its virtues in explaining numerous aspects of the physical, inanimate universe, but that it is a poor model when it comes to explaining everything, and that it leaves too many of our questions unanswered.

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Cosmology and Genesis: The Road to Harmony and the Need for Cosmological Alternatives

The current scientific picture of the origin of the Universe seems at odds with the Genesis account. Is this a serious problem for those who believe the latter to be reliable? Are there ways to harmonize the two? Or should we be looking for alternatives to the so-called Standard Model for the origin of the Universe? Published in Origins v. 19, n. 1.

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NASA's Next Interplanetary Mission

NASA is planning to send a satellite to study Jupiter and take measurements of its atmospheric composition. Published in Origins v. 11, n. 1.

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The Ultimate Origin

A review of the book, God and the Astronomers. Does the fact that the universe had a beginning point to God? Published in Origins v. 8, n. 1.

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Some Recent Data from Venus and Jupiter: Implications for Cosmogony

Recent planetary exploration by unmanned satellites has expanded significantly our solar system. It was hoped that these explorations would unify the concepts regarding the cosmology of the solar system. The reverse has occurred. Published in Origins v. 7, n. 1.

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