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Professor Marcia Crespo



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The Faith and Science Resource Center of the Antillean Adventist University is temporarily located in the lobby of the Benjamín Pérez Soto building of the Science and Technology department. It is under construction. The Resource Center consists of a collection of fossils (mostly replicas), rocks, an exhibit of a 12-foot-long replica of the Tyrannosaurus. Rex dinosaur, and a set of both Origins and Science of Origins printed journals.




The purpose of the center is to create curiosity from its viewers in the branches of science: Paleontology, Geology, Biology, and Philosophy. Specifically, as it relates to creation, intelligent design, and catastrophism and their implications in the history of life on our planet. The exhibit captivates the observer’s attention to make them think about and study the beauty of God's creation while considering how Science and Biblical stories harmonize.