Geoscience Research Institute

Recommended Links to Image and Video Clip Sources related to Nature and Science

1. National Geologic Map Database (USGS): site were topologic and geologic maps of the US can be found and often downloaded for free (good also for teachers) 

2. NASA: site where images of Earth and space including features of geologic interest can be found and often downloaded for free

     NASA’s Visible Earth

     NASA’s Earth Observatory

3. National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration


4. Cell & Molecular Biology Online

     Images and Videos

5. Human Genome Project

6. New York University, Library of 3-D Molecular structures

7. Nature by Numbers (Short movie inspired on numbers, geometry and nature)

Commercial Photo Sites

8. Istock Photos for purchase

9. Stock XCHNG Photos for purchase

10. Sutterstock Photos for purchase