Geoscience Research Institute

Origins 2008 – 2000


2008 – Number 63

Why Science • Jim Gibson

A Critique of Current Anti-ID Arguments and ID Responses • Leonard Brand

ORIGINS62 2008 – Number 62

One Long Argument • Timothy G. Standish

Species Variability and Creationism • Todd Charles Wood

The Dead Sea Scrolls, the Fourth Commandment, and Deuteronomy 5 • Timothy G. Standish

Scriptural Geology, 1820-1860: An Essay and Review • Warren H. Johns

Origins61 2007 – Number 61

The Enigmatic Geologic Column • Jim Gibson

Wholistic Geology: Geology Before, During, and After the Biblical Flood • Leonard Brand

ORIGINS60 2007 – Number 60

Genesis Kinds and the Sea Urchin • Jim Gibson

Irreducible Interdependence: An IC-Like Ecological Property Potentially Illustrated by the Nitrogen Cycle • Henry A. Zuill and Timothy G. Standish

Genomes and Design • Timothy G. Standish

ORIGINS59 2006 – Number 59

Is Intelligent Design Harmful to Science? • Jim Gibson

A Biblical Perspective on the Philosophy of Science • Leonard R. Brand


2005 – Number 58

How to Write an Unpublishable Paper • Timothy G. Standish

A Note on the Pre-Flood/Flood Boundary in the Grand Canyon • Kurt P. Wise and Andrew A. Snelling

The Rainbow Is All in Your Head • Leonard Brand and Ernest Schwab


2005 – Number 57

Conflating Answers: To and From Design Questions • Timothy G. Standish

Visualizing Baraminic Distances Using Classical Multidimensional Scaling • Todd Charles Wood


2004 – Number 56

Chicken Soup, Self-Organization and the Origin of Life: A Test • L. James Gibson

Recent Developments in Near Eastern Chronology and Radiocarbon Dating • Michael G. Hasel

Detecting Design in Nature • Timothy G. Standish


2004 – Number 55

Does Religion Always Lose? • Paul A. Giem

The Genesis Creation Story: Text, Issues, and Truth • Jacques B. Doukhan


2002 – Number 54

A Mechanism for Rapid Change? • L. James Gibson

The AGE-ing Process: Rapid Post-Flood Intrabaraminic Diversification Caused by Altruistic Genetic Elements (AGEs) • Todd Charles Wood


2002 – Number 53

Palaetiological Science and Cultural Power • L. James Gibson

Rushing to Judgment: Functionality in Noncoding or “Junk” DNA • Timothy G. Standish

The Miocene/Pleistocene Contact in the Columbia Basin: Time Implications • Harold G. Coffin


2001 – Number 52

Polyphyly and the Cambrian Explosion • L. James Gibson

A Baraminological Analysis of Subtribe Flaveriinae (Asteraceae: Helenieae) and the Origin of Biological Complexity • Todd C. Wood and David P. Cavanaugh

Local Catastrophes, or a Worldwide Deluge? • L. James Gibson


2001 – Number 51

Rivers out of Eden • L. James Gibson

Carbon-14 Content of Fossil Carbon • Paul Giem