Geoscience Research Institute

1989 – 1981

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1989 – Number 9

Transitional Fossils – Still Missing

Book Review

May I Ask A Question?

Science Newsnotes

Geoscience News

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1986/87 – Number 8

Glaciers: A Progeny of Earth’s Climate

Editorial: The Enigmatic Glacier: Is There Any Hope? • Clyde L. Webster

How-To Department

News Notes

 07_Page_1 smallpdf download 1986 – Number 7

Some Thoughts on Why Evolution Replaced Creation as an Explanation for Earth History • L. J. Gibson

Editorial • Clyde L. Webster

 06_Page_1 smallpdf download 1985/86 – Number 6

Earth in Motion: Plate Tectonics and Continental Drift • Eric Magi

Editorial • Clyde L. Webster

News Notes

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Volcano: The Earth Powerful

Editorial • Clyde L. Webster

News Notes

How-To Department

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Editorial • Clyde L. Webster


GRI Staff Research

News Notes

How-To Department

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1983 – Number 3

Coffin Studies Fossil Forest Formation

GRI’s Summer Research Plans

Brown Presents Paper on Radiocarbon Modeling

GRI Conducts Field Conference

Roth’s Research Published

New Edition of Creation Book

Clyde Webster Joins the GRI

BRISCO Meets in Glacier National Park

Roth Teaches Field Course

GRI Announces Research Grant Awards

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1981 – Number 2

Geoscience Conducts European Field Conference

Dutch Students Visit at GRI

Summer Field Course to be Offered in 1982

Handy Quick Reference Available

Brown Visits New Cave

Creation-Evolution Conflict Gains National Attention

Research Grants Awarded

We Need Your Help

BRISCO Meets at Mt. Saint Helens

New Research Instrument Purchased

Pre-GSA Gathers in Indiana

A Question About Varves

Science Teachers Convene for Creation Workshop

As We Go To Press…

 01_Page_1 smallpdf download  1981 – Number 1

Geoscience Consolidates Facilities

Roth Named Director of GRI

Brand Publishes on Fossil Tracks

Proof or Evidence?

Work on Fossil Forest Continues