Geoscience Research Institute

Collected Papers on Faith and Science

Many papers on faith and science have been written and/or presented orally in scholarly meetings. These papers are scattered in various places on the web. In order to make them more widely and readily available, we have organized the papers by topic and compiled a list of links to the websites where they can be found.

Creation and the Bible

     Genesis 1 and 2

     Antediluvian Life and Times

     The Genesis Flood

     Genesis Genealogies and the Age of the Earth

     Commentary on Genesis 1-11

     Creation Throughout the Bible

Creation and Science

     History and Philosophy of Science

     Cosmology and the Bible

     Creation and the Geological Sciences

     Creation and the Biological Sciences

     Human Origins


     Commentaries on Creation and Science

Faith and Science in the Classroom

     Articles on Integrating Faith in Specific Science Courses

     Articles on Philosophical and Pedagogical Aspects of Integrating Faith and Science

Ellen G. White Statements