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We provide here a list of links to selected DVDs, video clips and audio recordings on topics relating to origins.

Seeking Understanding

Harold Coffin: The fossil forests of Yellowstone National Park  (Produced by Faith & Science Council, 2014; 26:02 minutes)


Creation and God

Jim Gibson: Lions in the Garden of Eden (the problem of natural evil; July, 2010; 17:23 minutes; Audio only)

Jim Gibson:  Getting the first button right (worldviews; May, 2013; 1:36:03 hours)

Tim Standish: A Closer Look at God’s Creation (May, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: God’s Power in Forming the Mountains (August, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Sharing Faith in Biblical Creation (November, 2012; 90 seconds)


Creation and Humanity

Tim Standish: Creation and evolution: A brief history (July, 2010; 30:20 minutes; Audio only)

Tim Standish:  Why only a biblical view of origins can save the world (April, 2013; 1:03:58 hours)

Tim Standish: Beginnings Episode 5 (the antediluvian world; 2013; 58:30 minutes)

Tim Standish: God’s First Institution (marriage; July, 2013; 49:14 minutes)

Tim Standish:  What Does It Mean to be Human? (June, 2012; 49:58 minutes)

Tim Standish: New textbooks on science in context of faith (August, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Faith, Science and Equality (August, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Celebration of Creation (January, 2013; 90 seconds)


Creation and Nature

Tale of a Trilobite

The Creation: The Earth is a Witness (a video on the first week of creation, October 2013, 23:46)

James Gibson: Creation, Science and Time (translated into Korean; December, 2011; 1:15:46 hours)

James Gibson: Do millions of years solve the problem? (July, 2010; 17:01 minutes; audio only)

James Gibson: On Understanding Creation (book edited with Humberto Rasi; November, 2011; 1:48:52 hours; starting 30:00)

Tim Standish: What is the evidence for a Creator? (November, 2011; 1:56:33 hours)

Tim Standish: DNA and design (July, 2010; 22:14 minutes; audio only)

Tim Standish: DNA and Design (October, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: DNA and Design (December, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: My Story (interview, creation and science; February, 2013; 8:36 minutes)

Tim Standish: What Fossils Suggest About the Origin of Life (June, 2012; 90-seconds)

Tim Standish: Coal Formation (April, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: New documentary on bird flight (July, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Studying Crabs (May, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Lizard molecules (April, 2013; 90 seconds)