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We provide here a list of links to selected DVDs, video clips and audio recordings on topics relating to origins.


Video Series: Thinking Creation

Thinking Creation is not only about why thinking Christians embrace the Biblical creation, but also how this doctrine makes sense of the sometimes confusing reality we experience and the development of competing philosophies.

The Great Debate (28:47)

The Christian Roots of Science (27:49)

The Design of Life (28:21)

The Richly Diverse Creation (25:52)

God and Nature (26:33)

God and the Big Bang (30:30)


Video Series: Seeking Understanding

Randall Younker (Produced by Faith & Science Council, 2016; 25:02 minutes)

Ariel Roth (Produced by Faith & Science Council, 2014; 24:30 minutes)

Harold Coffin  (Produced by Faith & Science Council, 2014; 26:02 minutes)

Creation and God

Jim Gibson: Lions in the Garden of Eden (the problem of natural evil; July, 2010; 17:23 minutes; Audio only)

Jim Gibson:  Getting the first button right (worldviews; May, 2013; 1:36:03 hours)

Tim Standish: A Closer Look at God’s Creation (May, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: God’s Power in Forming the Mountains (August, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Sharing Faith in Biblical Creation (November, 2012; 90 seconds)


Creation and Humanity

Tim Standish: Creation and evolution: A brief history (July, 2010; 30:20 minutes; Audio only)

Tim Standish:  Why only a biblical view of origins can save the world (April, 2013; 1:03:58 hours)

Tim Standish: Creation Prophecy (November 2012; 58:35 minutes)

Tim Standish: God’s First Institution (marriage; July, 2013; 49:14 minutes)

Tim Standish:  What Does It Mean to be Human? (June, 2012; 49:58 minutes)

Tim Standish: New textbooks on science in context of faith (August, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Faith, Science and Equality (August, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Celebration of Creation (January, 2013; 90 seconds)


Creation and Nature

Leonard Brand and Arthur Chadwick: Dry Bones and Fossil Trackways (May 24, 2016, 22:13)

Tale of a Trilobite

The Creation: The Earth is a Witness (a video on the first week of creation, October 2013, 23:46)

James Gibson: Creation, Science and Time (translated into Korean; December, 2011; 1:15:46 hours)

James Gibson: Do millions of years solve the problem? (July, 2010; 17:01 minutes; audio only)

James Gibson: On Understanding Creation (book edited with Humberto Rasi; November, 2011; 1:48:52 hours; starting 30:00)

Tim Standish: What is the evidence for a Creator? (November, 2011; 1:56:33 hours)

Tim Standish: DNA and design (July, 2010; 22:14 minutes; audio only)

Tim Standish: DNA and Design (October, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: DNA and Design (December, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: My Story (interview, creation and science; February, 2013; 8:36 minutes)

Tim Standish: What Fossils Suggest About the Origin of Life (June, 2012; 90-seconds)

Tim Standish: Coal Formation (April, 2012; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: New documentary on bird flight (July, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Studying Crabs (May, 2013; 90 seconds)

Tim Standish: Lizard molecules (April, 2013; 90 seconds)