Geoscience Research Institute

Recommended Videos on Creation and Design

Flight cover 1. Flight: The Genius of Birds. 62 minutes; May 2013.  Illustra Media.
Metamorphosis cover 2. Metamorphosis. 64 minutes; June 2011. Illustra Media
Unlocking the mystery of life cover 3. Unlocking the Mystery of Life. 65 minutes; August 2010. Illustra Media.
Darwin's dilemma video cover 4. Darwin’s Dilemma. 72 minutes; October, 2010. Illustra Media.
Privileged planet video cover 5. Privileged Planet. 60 minutes; September 2010. Illustra Media.
Darwin the voyage that shook the world cover 6. Darwin: The Voyage that Shook the World. 55 minutes; October, 2009. Creation Ministries International
 Thinking Creation sleeve cover outlines flat 7. Thinking Creation. 3 DVDs, six episodes of 30 minutes each. Geoscience Research Institute. 2012.
Tale of a trilobite cover 8. Tale of a Trilobite. Geoscience Research Institute.
Journeys to the edge of creation cover  9. Journeys to the Edge of Creation. 2010. Moody Video.
Christian roots of science cover 10. The Christian Roots of Science. 52 min. Creation Ministries International. 2013.