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Clicking on any of those posters will begin their download to your desktop. They are formatted to be printed as large as 24″ x 36″. These posters may be freely downloaded and used, as long as they are distributed without charge and the “Geoscience Research Institute” is acknowledged as the author. The Geoscience Research Institute retains the copyright and prohibits all commercial use unless written permission is first obtained.

Be aware, the files are fairly large and may take some time to download.

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Creation Day 2 Poster 7:10:13102.2 MB

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Creation Day 4 Poster 7:10:13100.4 MB

Creation Day 5 Poster 7:10:1354.7 MB

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Creation Day 7 Poster 7:10:1384.8 MB

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Geologic column Nalin v420.9 MB

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