Geoscience Research Institute

Origins 1990–1999


1998 – Volume 25-2

Intelligent Design, Natural Selection, and God • L. James Gibson

Unique Enigmatic Helium • R. H. Brown


1998 – Volume 25-1

SPECIAL EDITION: Life: An Evidence for Creation • George T. Javor


1997 – Volume 24-2

Genesis and Genomics • L. James Gibson

Carbon-14 Dating Models and Experimental Implications • Paul Giem

The Nature of Evidence for the Activity of Supernatural Intelligence, as Illustrated by Polonium Radiohalos • R. H. Brown


1997 – Volume 24-1

SPECIAL EDITION: The Yellowstone Petrified “Forests” • Harold G. Coffin


1996 – Volume 23-2

Do We Need to Turn off Our Brains When We Enter a Church? • Ariel A. Roth

“Laying Down the Pen” • Ariel A. Roth

Fossil Patterns: A Classification and Evaluation • Jim Gibson

False Fossils • Ariel A. Roth


1996 – Volume 23-1

The Disadvantage of Collective Ignorance • Ariel A. Roth

The Paradigm of Naturalism, Compared with a Viable Alternative: A Scientific Philosophy for the Study of Origins • Leonard R. Brand

The Intrigue of the Questions about the Bridgewater “Fossil Forest,” Victoria, Australia • Clyde L. Webster, Jr.


1995 – Volume 22-2

Three Kinds of Science • Ariel A. Roth

Biblical Evidence for the Universality of the Flood • Richard M. Davidson

Fossil Reefs and Time • Ariel A. Roth


1995 – Volume 22-1

“Retro-Progressing” • Ariel A. Roth

Paradigm and Falsification: Tools in a Search for Truth • Elwood S. McCluskey

Can Tree Rings Be Used to Calibrate Radiocarbon Dates? • R. H. Brown


1994 – Volume 21-2

Name Dropping • Ariel A. Roth

Compatibility of Biblical Chronology with C-14 Age • R. H. Brown

Pseudogenes and Origins • L. James Gibson


1994 – Volume 21-1

Deus Ex Machina • Ariel A. Roth

The “Days” of Creation in Genesis 1: Literal “Days” or Figurative “Periods/Epochs” of Time? • Gerhard F. Hasel

Incomplete Ecosystems • Ariel A. Roth


1993 – Volume 20-2

On Altering Past and Future • Katherine Ching

An Interventionist Theory of Natural Selection and Biological Change within Limits • Leonard R. Brand and L. James Gibson


1998 – Volume 20-1

Publish Anything — Or Perish • Ariel A. Roth

An Alternative Explanation of Oceanic Magnetic Anomaly Patterns • Norm Smith and Jane Smith

Did Life Begin in an “RNA World”? • L. James Gibson


1992 – Volume 19-2

Fossils and Compassion • Ariel A. Roth

Sociobiology: The Evolution Theory’s Answer to Altruistic Behavior • Leonard R. Brand and Ronald L. Carter

Life in the Deep Rocks and the Deep Fossil Record • Ariel A. Roth


1992 – Volume 19-1

The Search for an Evolutionary Mechanism • Ariel A. Roth

Cosmology and Genesis: The Road to Harmony and the Need for Cosmological Alternatives • Mart de Groot

Clastic Pipes and Dikes in Kodachrome Basin • Ariel A. Roth


1991 – Volume 18-2

Progressive Creation and Biblical Revelation: Some Theological Implications • John T. Baldwin

Interpretation of Radiocarbon and Amino Acid Age Data • Robert H. Brown and Clyde L. Webster

Fresh Bread; Old Fossils • R. H. Brown


1991 – Volume 18-1

When Assumptions Cease to be Assumptions • Clyde L. Webster, Jr.

The Antediluvians • William H. Shea

Quantum Mechanics: The Strange World at Small Dimensions • B. L. Clausen


1990 – Volume 17-2

Flood Stories — Can They Be Ignored? • Ariel A. Roth

Correlation of C-14 Age with the Biblical Time Scale • R. H. Brown

The Implications of the Oklo Phenomenon on the Constancy of Radiometric Decay Rates • C. L. Webster


1990 – Volume 17-1

What is Happening to the Philosophy of Science? • Ariel A. Roth

A Post-Flood Ice-Age Model Can Account for Quaternary Features • Michael J. Oard

A Catastrophe With an Impact • L. J. Gibson