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“The Hole” ~ A film for Creation Sabbath, 28 October 2017

To download “The Hole” in HD, click on the “Download” button below.  If you want more options, click on the link. When the Vimeo page has loaded, scroll down and click the “Download” button. Select one of the different quality options form the pop up window.  The movie will be downloaded to your computer, phone, tablet or other device.

“The Hole,” a beautiful film narrated by Alvin Chea, bass singer in the Grammy Award winning group Take Six. It illustrates the Gospel using the creation to help us understanding what it means to be “born again. “The Hole” was used by Seventh-day Adventists around the world on the Church’s designated Creation Sabbath, which fell on October 28 of this year. Its use is not restricted, and anyone is welcome to view and share it. For more information about Creation Sabbath, visit: