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Here’s a look at our time at the GC in San Antonio!

GRI at the GC

A taste of our activities in San Antonio

The 2015 General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists session in San Antonio, Texas, provided a unique opportunity for Geoscience Research Institute scientists to share information about the creation with a global audience.

The days were filled with delegate duties, helping at the booth co-sponsored by the Faith and Science Council (FSC) and Geoscience Research Institute, networking with Adventist scientists from around the world, presenting lectures and promoting the premiere of the new Living Waters film. If you were there, hopefully you came by and said hello! If you weren’t there, we wanted to show you some of the fun we had!

Meetings, Networking, and Lectures

Though many of our staff spent time at the booth discussing issues in science and faith with visitors to the booth, two of our company, Jim Gibson and Ronny Nalin, had the privilege of acting as delegates during the many sessions of the General Conference.
One of the parts of the General Conference (GC) session that GRI looks forward to the most is the ability to meet with other Adventist scientists from around the globe. Many of our scientists do research around the world and the GC provides an opportunity for networking and a sharing of ideas that often leads to new collaborative research.
A series of videos and lectures was provided by GRI scientists as part of the “Yes, Creation!” series. Twice a day, conference rooms would fill with people interested in learning more about this beautiful world that God created.

Programs in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese made up the Yes, Creation! series which included Flight and the Seeking Understanding series. We were also able to share some great new productions by Southern Adventist University and Novo Tempo from Brazil.

Conference rooms ready for the “Yes, Creation!” series.
One of the lectures discussing the amazing detail necessary for animals to achieve flight.
The Seeking Understanding series of videos should soon be available on the Faith and Science Council webpage, while translations of Flight: the genius of birds are now available in Spanish (En vuelo: el prodigio de las aves), French (Le vol: ingenieux des oiseaux) and Portuguese (Voo: O talento das aves) at:
Purchase Flight: the genius of birds
Much of the media rolled out during these programs is now available online. For Rich Aguilera’s kid-friendly Creation Case videos, in both Spanish and English, visit:
Creation Case – English
Creation Case – Spanish
The Novo Tempo and Nuevo Tiempo television networks in South America are already broadcasting episodes of their Origins series in Portuguese and Spanish.  Some can be accessed online at:
Origins episodes – Portuguese
Origins episodes – Spanish
Teaching resources being produced by Southern Adventist University, as well as the Big Questions series featuring Grenville Kent should be released soon.


GRI and the Faith and Science Council created and staffed a beautiful booth through which tens of thousands of visitors passed. The booth was full of unique skeletons, fossils, videos and scientists.

The booth provided information on relevant scientific issues, a schedule of a series of ongoing lectures provided by GRI scientists and a chance for scientists from around the world to network with GRI staff.

Along with the GRI scientists, several geology and biology graduate students from the department of Earth and Biological Sciences (EBS) at Loma Linda University helped to answer questions.

A beautiful whale skeleton attracted many visitors. In the background, Dr. Ben Clausen of GRI chats with a conference attendee.
One of the many graduate students from EBS, shares with booth visitors information about GRI and the schedule of lectures being given at the conference.
Dr. Raul Esperante with his wife Esther at the booth. They are posing in front of a case filled with beautiful fossils GRI provided.

Living Waters Premiere

Living Waters is the latest Illustra Media documentary on design in nature. It is estimated that about 1,700 attended the premiere, which was kicked off by Dr. Ted N. C. Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Other special guests included Lad Allen, the producer; Jerry Harnad, videographer and editor; and Dr. Paul Nelson, who, along with Dr. Standish, served as an associate producer.

The premiere was unquestionably the largest event held at the Lila Cockrell Theatre over the course of the General Conference session.

After the film, Tim Standish, Paul Nelson  and Lad Allen led a question and answer session that covered everything from the making of the movie to the science behind it.

The movie was extremely well received by the audience who enjoyed the premiere. We were proud to have been part of the World Premiere for this beautiful film!

If you missed the Living Waters premiere in San Antonio, you can purchase this riveting film about design in whales, dolphins and other sea creatures at:
Purchase the Living Waters Film
For GRI, the General Conference was a very busy time, but one in which old friendships were renewed, new relationships formed and thousands were better equipped to share the truth about creation.