Geoscience Research Institute

Archived Events


January 7-10: Adventist University of Chile, Chillan, Chile

January 11: Santiago, Chile

June: Venice, Italy (invitation only) (Field Guide for Italy Trip)

September 19-13: Lisbon, Portugal; (AMiCUS)

November 7-8: Sahmyook University, Seoul, Korea, Celebration of Creation


January 26-28: Celebration of Creation, Friedensau University

October 26: Creation Sabbath, in your church (

November 8-9: Walla Walla Univeristy, Walla Walla, Washington, Celebration of Creation

November 11-13: Northern Caribbean University, Mandeville, Jamaica

November 15-17: University of the Southern Caribbean, Port-of-Spain, Trinidad

November 13-16: METAS, Surat, India


2012 Celebration of Creation, Puerto Rico, October 19-20 2012 NAD Teachers’ Convention, August 5-8 2012 Field Conference for Church Administrators


2011 Conference on Teaching origins 2011 Celebration of Creation in the South Pacific Division: Avondale and Pacific Adventist University


2010 General Conference Session Booth & Lecture Series 2010 Celebration of Creation, Andrews University


2009 Colorado Field Conference


2006 Colorado Field Conference