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2017 Field Conference on Faith & Science for GC Administrators

Sponsored by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and organized by the Geoscience Research Institute

GRI recently held a field conference for GC leaders in the western Alps. Enjoy this video featuring some of the attendees sharing their experience and the relevance of the message of creation.
Dates and Place: June 26 – July 6, 2017, Northwestern Alps (Italy, France, Switzerland)


Purpose: Experience firsthand how the biblical worldview impacts our understanding of nature. Learn about the strengths and limitations of historical sciences. Acquire a firm grasp of the key concepts that are considered controversial in the faith and science debate. Leave with an energizing appreciation of how nature and Scripture testify of a powerful and good Creator.

Format: The Field Conference consisted of a balance of lecture presentations and fieldtrips to locations of particular geological significance. Typically, half of each day was spent with lectures and half in a trip to a fieldsite.



◊       Theological Implications of Models on Origins

◊       Time, the Flood, and the Geologic Column

◊       Intelligent Design

◊       Plate Tectonics

◊       Scientific Revolutions

◊       Dinosaurs and Fossils

◊       Glaciations and the Ice Age

◊       Teaching, Sharing, and Leading as Biblical Creationists

Speakers: Presenters were scientists from the Geoscience Research Institute, with PhDs earned in Biology, Geology, Paleontology and Physics.


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