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Here you will find information on conferences on faith and science and other events organized by the Geoscience Research Institute. The Institute sponsors a number of types of conferences, including weekend origins seminars, lectures for groups of pastors or teachers, workshops for teachers, and field conferences. Photographs and other information from previous conferences can be found in the Archived Events page. For additional information on GRI events, click on the Contact Us button at the bottom of the page.

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Events in 2015

Meetings for SDA students at secular universities (Kenya) – December 27-31

Guest lectures at Rusangu University (Zambia) – September 23-30

Guest lectures at Solusi University (Zimbabwe) – September 15-22

WORLD PREMIERE: Living Waters Film – July 10 @ 5:30 pm. 

General Conference (San Antonio, TX) – July 2-July 11

NAD Pastoral family convention (Austin, TX) – June 28-July 1

Guest lecture at Washington SDA Church in Auburn – May 29-30

Teachers conference at Bolivian Adventist University – May 15-17

Visit to Ecuador Adventist College to visit with students and teachers – May 5-10

Teacher’s Convention Universidad Adventista de Bolivia, Cochabama – May

Guest Speaker at Multimedia University (Nairobi, Kenya) – April 7

Guest speaker at Advent Hill University Church, Adventist University of Africa (Kenya) – April 4

Faith and Science Class at Adventist University of Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) – March-April

Guest speaker at University of Nairobi SDA Church (Kenya) – March 28

Guest speaker at the Adventist Church (Rouen, France) – March 27-28

Pastors Seminar at Villa Aurora Theological Seminary (Firenze, Italy) – March 24-25

Guest speaker at the Adventist Church and School (Tempere, Finland) – March 20-21

Pastor’s Meetings (Norway) – March 23-24

Pastor’s Meetings (Estonia) – March 16-18

Guest speaker Tallinn SDA church (Estonia) – March 13-14

Archived Events