Geoscience Research Institute

Dr. Harold G. Coffin April 9, 1926 – April 25, 2015


A dear member of Geoscience Research Institute family, Dr. Harold G. Coffin, passed away on April 25, 2015 at the age of 89.

Born to missionary parents in Nanning, China, Harold attended Far East Academy in Shanghai, China. He   joined GRI in 1964 and dedicated his life to the study of paleontology.

A devout believer in the biblical 6-day creation, his research took him around the world as he examined geologic evidence of the worldwide flood recorded in the Bible.

Dr. Coffin is best known for his research on the Yellowstone fossil forests, in which he proposed an alternative model to the theory that they took tens of thousands of years or more to form. His model was consistent with what was observed during the aftermath of the 1980 eruption of Mt. St. Helens.

Harold was softly spoken, but persistent and worked extensively with students and faculty members of the Earth and Biological Sciences Dept.  at Loma Linda University. He authored or co-authored six books and multiple scientific articles that reached all age groups.  Harold retired from GRI in 1991, and moved with his wife to The Dalles, Oregon; finally they moved to be near his daughter Glenda in Georgia.

He leaves behind a strong legacy and a family that loved him dearly that includes his wife of nearly 68 years, Emma Coffin of Ranger, GA; children, Gordon and Glenda Hayward of Ranger, GA, and Michael and Kris Stevenson of Brentwood, British Columbia, Canada; Grandchildren, Jon and Shannon Gabbard of Louisville, KY, Michaela Stevenson of Seattle, WA, Nicolas Hayward of Lacombe, Alberta, Canada, Callen Stevenson of Brentwood, BC; and one great-grandchild, Tyler Gabbard of Louisville, KY.

We look forward to the day when Jesus calls him from his sleep and we can spend eternity together.