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Frequently Asked Questions – 2014 Field School

A printable PDF version of these frequently asked question is available here, but as new questions come in, answers will be added to this page.

The Geoscience Research Institute conducts a field school for teachers every 5 years in North America. These field schools offer an opportunity for teachers to gain a first-hand understanding of geology and biology as well as the best ways to deal with tension between some claims of modern science and the Biblical record of history. If you are interested in teaching your students in a faith-building and informed way, the 2014 GRI Field School for Teachers is for you! Following are answers to some commonly asked questions:

What deadlines must I meet?

Quick Answer – April 1, 2014: $ 100 deposit

More Complete Answer – After April 1, excess rooms will be released and will no longer be available for the 2014 GRI Field School for Teachers. Send in your registration form today with your $ 100 deposit to: Geoscience Research Institute, 11060 Campus St., Loma Linda, CA 92350. Deposits should be received by April 1, 2014 and are fully refundable through April 13, 2014. Register using this form.


Where will it be?

Quick Answer – Denver, Colorado

More Complete Answer – This Field School will be based in Denver, Colorado with numerous day trips to visit amazing sites of geological interest including Dinosaur ridge – where you will see dinosaur bones and footprints – Rocky Mountain National Park and much much more. We will be staying at the Denver Marriott Westminster, a beautiful brand new hotel just north of down town Denver. Register using this form.


When is it?

Quick Answer – July 13-24, 2014

More Complete Answer – Mark July 13-24, 2014 on your calendar today and start making arrangements to arrive in Denver by July 13, 2014! Register using this form.


How much will it cost me?

Quick Answer – Current Estimate: $ 1,500 double occupancy, which your employer may cover

More Complete Answer – In addition to the estimated $1,500 ($2,500 single occupancy) fee charged by GRI, participants will be responsible for some of their own food as well as transportation to Denver and return home. The GRI fee covers conference bus transportation, hotels, lectures, park entrance, etc. A modest additional fee of $ 30/quarter unit for a maximum of $ 90 for 3 quarter units (2 semester units) will be charged for those wanting either regular or continuing education credit through La Sierra University. In the past, most participants’ costs were covered by their employer. Arrangements for payment must be made before July 1, 2014. Register using this form.


 Who can attend?

Quick Answer – You

More Complete Answer – Any Adventist teacher. Activities are geared toward grades 1-8 teachers who are implementing the new By Design Science textbooks, but other teachers are welcome and will find the experience rewarding. Aside from being an Adventist teacher, the only other requirement is an enthusiasm for teaching about our Creator God’s love and power. Pastors and other church workers are welcome if space is available. Register using this form.


What will I learn?

Quick Answer – Oodles

More Complete Answer – How do I do some of the more challenging demonstrations in the By Design books? Does radiometric dating really work? What were dinosaurs like? How can I tell the difference between rocks that formed rapidly and those that formed slowly? Is there really order in the fossil record? What can fossils actually tell us? Does geology show evidence of the flood? What is the best way to talk about science and religion with my students? Does science really prove the Bible true? And many other things … Register using this form.


Can I get continuing education credit?

Quick Answer – Yes, you can get regular academic credit too

More Complete Answer – In the past, up to 3 quarter units of continuing education credit has been available through La Sierra University. CE credit will cost an additional fee of $ 30/quarter credit up to a total of 3 quarter units (= 2 semester units) for $ 90.00. Some additional work over that done by other participants may be required by those receiving credit. Register using this form.


Can I bring my spouse, children, dog and Uncle Fred?

Quick Answer – No

More Complete Answer – If your spouse, children, dog and Uncle Fred are all teachers working in Adventist schools, sure, bring them along, we would love to have you all as paying participants in this field school. If they are not, we would love to meet them, but this field school is not the time or place.  Register using this form.


Will it be fun?

Quick Answer – Yes

More Complete Answer – Definitely, absolutely, without a doubt. Register using this form.


Where can I learn more about the 2014 GRI Field School for Teachers?

Quick Answer – or e-mail

More Complete Answer – Sign up through for the Geoscience Newsletter to stay informed about all GRI activities. Be sure to indicate in your e-mail that you are interested in the 2014 Teachers’ Field Conference. You can also call GRI at (909) 558-4548. Register using this form.