Geoscience Research Institute

2014 GRI Field School – Places we plan to visit

Here are a few places we plan to visit during the 2014 GRI Field School for Teachers:

 Florissant Fossil Beds – Where there are fossil trees…

Petrified redwood stump - Eocene - Florissant Fossil Beds 4

And many other amazing animal and plant fossils, some of which we may be able to collect.

Bee fossil - Florisant Colorado 2013 1

The Butterfly Pavilion – Where the butterflies are amazing.

Blue Morpho Morpho peleides - Butterfly Pavilion Denver 2013 1

But it isn’t just butterflies…

Honey Bees - Butterfly Pavillion Denver 2013 3

 Or even just insects.

Tarantual - Butterfly Pavillion Denver 2013 4

 The spectacular Garden of the Gods.

Garden of the Gods - CO 1

Cave of the Winds – One of the highest show caves in the United States.


The Mollie Kathleen Mine – A fascinating introduction to some economic geology as well as some rapidly forming mineral formations.


Can you see the hadrosaur tracks and fossil tree impression? You will when you visit this site in person.


Dinosaur trackways at Dinosaur Ridge.


The amazing Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

Plesiosaur - Den Mus Nat Sci 2013 3

The mighty Rocky Mountains.

Rocky Mountains - Colorado 1

Our neighbors in Denver.

Prarie Dogs - Butterfly Pavilion Denver 2013 1