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2014 Field School for Teachers


 It is with regret that we have had to cancel this Field School for Teachers. Please keep an eye out in the future for other GRI activities designed to help teachers and ensure our student receive an informed faith-affirming education about the creation.

APRIL 1, 2014 – Deadline for Applications

Denver, Colorado

July 13-24, 2014

Grade 1-8 teachers, this is for YOU!

The Geoscience Research Institute conducts a field school for teachers in North America every 5 years. These field schools offer an opportunity for teachers to gain a first hand understanding of geology and biology as well as the best ways to deal with tension between some claims of modern science and the Biblical record of history. This field school is specifically designed for grade 1-8 teachers who are or will soon be using the new By Design Science textbooks.

Some very quick information:

2014 Field School Registration Form

FAQs 2014 Field School

2014 Field School Poster

 Places we plan to visit

If you need more information please contact us directly:

Telephone: (909) 558-4548

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Please continue to visit this webpage for the latest information. We look forward to seeing you there!